When will my order ship?
Ready to ship items ship within 3 to 5 business days after order is placed.
Dyed to order listings which include monthly mystery sock clubs ship in 3 to 4 weeks after order is placed. 

I still haven't received my order and tracking says it's still in transit. What can you do?
This happens often especially for international customers. From personal experience, the longest it took for an order to arrive was six months via Italian post. It can be a very frustrating experience and I am sorry if this is happening to you. I would contact your local post office and ask them about the location of your order. If you still haven't received your order after 8 business weeks, please send me an email. 

Why are the colors bleeding during blocking?
In certain areas, the pH of your tap water is alkaline and not neutral. This may cause the bond between the dye and wool to break. If you know your water is hard, try using distilled water or adding a bit of vinegar to your water for blocking.

I do my best to rinse off any excess dye that may be lingering after the skein has been set, but often it is impossible to get it off perfectly. You may be seeing the remaining excess dye coming off during blocking and it should go away with subsequent washes. I would refrain from using and/or washing dark or saturated colors with light colored yarn. If you must, remember to use a sheet of Color Catcher when you wash them to prevent this from happening:

Do you accept returns?
Returns are processed on a case by case basis.
Returns due to any defects in the item or mistake on seller's part are accepted free of charge. Returns due to screen color discrepancy or change of heart are processed with the buyer to pay return shipping. 

Do you wholesale?
Yes. Please send us an email and we'll get further information out to you. 

Do you do custom orders?
No. We do not do custom orders at this time.  

Can you combine shipping?
If you'd like us to combine multiple orders, send us an email.
Unless specifically requested via email, orders will not be combined.